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Beer Tubing & Trunkline Systems for Perfect Draft Beer

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Trunkline & Tubing: The Essentials for Your Draft Beer System

When it comes to setting up a draft beer system, one crucial aspect that cannot be overlooked is the use of proper trunkline and tubing. Choosing the right type of tubing can make your beer dispensing setup work more efficiently, ensure the perfect quality for every pour, and help to maintain your system's longevity. is a leading supplier of a wide range of trunkline and tubing products that are guaranteed to meet the strictest criteria and work perfectly with any beer dispensing setup.

Types of Tubing in a Draft Beer System

In a draft beer system, two main types of tubing are used - airline and beer line.

Air Line - This connects to the gas regulator on your CO2 cylinder and runs all the way down to the keg where it is attached to the keg coupler. Typically made of food-grade PVC tube with a 5/16 inch inside diameter, airlines are clear and connect to the keg coupler and gas regulator by barbed fittings that are tightened with hose clamps.

Beer Line - This screw onto the top of the keg coupler and connects to the shank or draft beer tower. Made of food-grade PVC, beer lines typically feature a 3/16 inch inside diameter and run about 5 feet for most dispensing situations, but it can vary in length depending on the system. Beer lines can come in three possible variations: 3/16 inch inside diameter beer line (most common variety), 1/4 inch inside diameter beer line, and 3/8 inch inside diameter beer line (suitable for long-draw systems). The end fittings on a beer line consist of barbed tailpieces inside of the line tightened with hose clamps and secured to the keg coupler and shank by hex nuts and beer line washers.

Materials Used in Trunkline and Tubing

Like beer lines, airlines are typically made of food-grade PVC with a 5/16-inch inside diameter, and they are clear. Beer lines are usually made of clear PVC to help you spot any disturbances in the line like sediment or foam buildup. However, some manufacturers offer beer lines in colors, making it easier to differentiate between beer and airlines. In addition, there are various types of tubing available in the market, including clear braided tubing, translucent poly tubing, and clear barrier tubing.

Beer Tubing For Sale From offers a wide variety of beer tubing products to help you set up your perfect draft beer dispensing system. They provide everything you need to dispense beer in any volume at any distance. Here are some of the featured beer tubing products from

Clear PVC tubing with different inside diameters:

  • 3/16 inch beer line hose
  • 1/4 inch beer line hose
  • 3/8 inch beer line hose

Clear braided tubing Translucent poly tubing Clear barrier tubing

Apart from these products, also carries beer trunklines of 3/8 and 5/16 inch inside diameters, as well as a wide variety of beer tubing tools and accessories like clamp crimpers, hose cutters, trunkline cutters, foil tapes, and more.

Expert Assistance from

If you are unsure about which trunkline or tubing product is right for your draft beer dispensing system, let the experts at step in and help you make the right choice. You can contact their team via live chat, email, or phone, and they will be there in an instant to provide you with professional consultation and assistance.

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