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View all products Launches Plan to Offer Kegerators for Homebrewers, a leading online retailer of beer-making supplies and ingredients, has announced a new plan to offer kegerators for homebrewers. The company has recognized the growing popularity of kegging homebrew and is responding to the needs of its customers with this new product line. This article will explore the benefits of kegging homebrew and the features of the new kegerator line offered by

Benefits of Kegging Homebrew

Kegging homebrew has several benefits over bottling. First, kegging is more time-efficient. Kegging eliminates the need to sanitize and fill individual bottles, which can take hours for a large batch of beer. Second, kegging is more cost-effective. Although the initial investment in kegging equipment can be expensive, over time, kegging is less expensive than bottling. Third, kegging provides better beer quality. Kegging allows for better carbonation control and eliminates the risk of bottle conditioning issues, such as under-carbonation or over-carbonation. Finally, kegging is more convenient. Kegged beer can be served directly from the keg, which saves time and eliminates the need for bottle-opening equipment.

Features of the Kegerator Line's kegerator line includes several features that make kegging homebrew more accessible and convenient for homebrewers. The following are the key features of the kegerators:

  1. Temperature control: kegerators have digital temperature control, which allows for precise temperature control of the beer. This is important because the temperature affects the taste and quality of the beer.

  2. Capacity: kegerators come in different sizes, ranging from one to four kegs. This allows homebrewers to choose the kegerator size that best suits their needs.

  3. Compatibility: kegerators are compatible with both commercial and homebrew kegs. This allows homebrewers to use their existing kegs or purchase new ones.

  4. Mobility: kegerators have wheels, which makes them easy to move around. This is important because kegerators can be heavy and difficult to move.

  5. Ease of use: kegerators are easy to set up and use. They come with clear instructions and require minimal assembly.

  6. Aesthetics: kegerators have a sleek design and come in different finishes, including stainless steel and black.

Conclusion's plan to offer kegerators for homebrewers is a smart move that reflects the needs of their customers. Kegging homebrew has several benefits over bottling, and the features of the kegerator line make kegging more accessible and convenient for homebrewers. If you're a homebrewer looking to upgrade to kegging, consider the kegerator line.

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