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Everything you need to know about beer kegs: Sizes, types, and where to buy them

Introduction: when it comes to a fun party, beer on tap is a must. is an online keg store that specializes in providing quality beer keg accessories for your party needs or brewery. If you're not familiar with the concept of a beer keg for home use, you should first learn about some basics.

What is a keg?

A keg is a pressure vessel in the shape of a barrel that is used to store, transport, and serve various beverages. Technically, kegs can be used for any beverage - alcoholic or non-alcoholic, carbonated, or non-carbonated, but they are mainly used for beer.
Sizes of beer kegs:
Kegs come in a variety of sizes and volumes, most of which are historical and depend on the type of beverage. Currently, most beer kegs come in the following sizes:
1/2-Keg also called "half keg" (15.5 gallons/58.67 liters)
1/4-Keg also called "quarter keg" or "pony keg" (7.75 gallons/29.34 liters)
1/6 keg (5.17 gallons/19.57 liters)
However, there are other sizes of beer kegs, such as mini kegs, European half kegs, and European standard kegs.

Types of kegs:

Depending on the type of beverage, kegs can be used for craft beer, home brew, wine, kombucha, soda, whiskey, or cider. Depending on the intended use, kegs can be used as jockey boxes, kegerators, kegs for weddings, pubs, or home brewing. In addition to beer kegs, Cornelius kegs (soda kegs) are also available and are becoming increasingly popular with amateur brewers.

Where to buy a keg: is the perfect place to buy beer kegs, with a wide selection, affordable prices, and knowledgeable staff. Whether you're looking for pony kegs, mini beer kegs, or wine kegs, you'll find them here. If you are not sure which barrels or barrel parts to choose, or if you have questions about shipping, you can contact the company by phone, live chat, or email for professional advice and support.

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