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Hose Plugs Fittings & Connectors for Beer Line

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View all products Your One-Stop Shop for Beer Hose Plugs is the premier destination for beer enthusiasts looking to buy the best beer equipment, including draft beer systems and accessories. We offer a wide variety of beer hose plugs designed to accommodate the nuances of your draft beer system and ensure leak-proof connections between its elements.

Product Description:

Hose plugs are small fittings designed to plug beer lines that are currently not in use. Hose plugs may come in especially handy if your beer lines are not equipped with a shut-off valve. They can be used with both direct-draw and long-draw draft beer systems. Made of stainless steel, beer line plugs are completely safe for use with beer and other beverages.

Benefits of Using Beer Hose Plugs:

Using beer hose plugs offers numerous benefits, including:

  1. Preventing leaks: Hose plugs ensure leak-proof connections between your draft beer system's elements, eliminating the risk of beer leakage.

  2. Easy to use: Using a beer plug is easy - you just slip the tubing over the barb and tighten it with a clamp.

  3. Safe for use with beverages: Beer hose plugs are made of stainless steel, which is completely safe for use with beer and other beverages.

Types of Beer Hose Plugs: offers a variety of beer hose plugs in different sizes and styles to fit your draft beer system setup. Our selection includes:

  1. 3/8 inch hose plug: This beer hose plug is perfect for small draft beer systems.

  2. 1/4-inch hose plug: This beer hose plug is ideal for homebrewers and small draft beer systems.

  3. 3/8x1/2x1/4 inch hose plug: This beer hose plug is perfect for larger draft beer systems.

  4. Y fittings: We also offer stainless steel Y fittings for draft beer systems.

Where to Buy Beer Hose Plugs:

At, we offer a wide variety of beer hose plugs to choose from, with options to match your particular draft beer system setup. Be sure to select the beer hose plug of the appropriate diameter to match your tubing parameters.

You can easily browse our selection by clicking on the items you’re interested in for more details, product images, and prices. If you are looking for a particular type of hose splicer or beer hose plug and haven’t found it on our website, please contact our customer service team, and we'll be happy to assist you.

Choosing the right beer hose plug is critical for ensuring the optimal performance of your draft beer system. Whether you need a hose plug for a small homebrew setup or a large commercial draft beer system, has you covered. Contact our team today for professional consultation and assistance in finding the perfect beer hose plug for your needs.

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