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90 Tail Pieces For Draft Beer Systems

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View all products Understanding 90-Degree Tailpieces for Draft Beer Systems is a trusted supplier of all things beer, including draft beer and homebrew equipment, parts, and accessories. One important component in draft beer systems is the 90-degree tailpiece, which is used to connect hoses and tubes securely. In this article, we will explain what 90-degree tailpieces are, how they are used, and where to buy them.

Product Description

A 90-degree tailpiece is a type of fitting used in draft beer systems that require a right-angle configuration. It is made of either chrome-plated brass or stainless steel, with the latter being preferable for homebrew systems due to its resistance to corrosion. The tailpiece is inserted into a beer tube or hose to grip its interior wall and then secured with an appropriate-sized clamp.

Types of Tailpieces

Aside from the 90-degree tailpiece, there are other types of tailpieces available in the market. These include straight tailpieces, which are used for simple hose connections, and elbow tailpieces, which are used for angled connections. There are also reducing tailpieces, which are used to connect hoses or tubes with different diameters.

Choosing the Right Tailpiece

When choosing a tailpiece, several factors must be considered to ensure compatibility with the system and the materials used. The first factor is the size of the tailpiece, which should match the diameter of the hose or tube it will be connected to. The second factor is the material, which should be chosen based on the specific application, such as stainless steel for homebrew systems. Lastly, compatibility with other components should be considered, such as the type of clamp to be used.

How to Use

To use a 90-degree tailpiece, insert the barbed end into the beer tube or hose and secure it with an appropriate-sized clamp. It is important to ensure a tight fit to prevent leaks and maintain the quality of the beer. The same procedure applies to other types of tailpieces, with the only difference being the angle or the diameter of the connection.

Where to Buy offers a variety of 90-degree tailpieces in various sizes depending on the diameter of the hose or tube. Customers can choose from chrome-plated brass or stainless steel tailpieces, with the latter being preferable for homebrew systems. If a specific size or material is not available on the website, customers can contact the team for assistance. Other suppliers of tailpieces include homebrew shops, hardware stores, and online retailers.


90-degree tailpieces are an essential component in draft beer systems that require a right-angle configuration. When choosing a tailpiece, it is important to consider factors such as size, material, and compatibility with other components. offers a variety of tailpieces in different sizes and materials to suit different applications. With proper installation and maintenance, 90-degree tailpieces can ensure a secure and tight connection for optimal beer quality.

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