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Beer Book Reviews


Jeff Evans reviews the best beer books from around the world and offers his opinions of the work of his beer-writing colleagues. Click on titles or book covers to learn more about each book. Don't forget to check out Jeff's own titles, too.

Cooking with BeerCooking With Beer
by Paul Mercurio
Oxford Companion to BeerThe Oxford Companion to Beer
edited by Garrett Oliver
Good Beer Guide 2012Good Beer Guide 2012
edited by Roger Protz
Let Me Tell You About BeerLet Me Tell You About Beer
by Melissa Cole
London's Best Beer PubsLondon's Best Beer Pubs & Bars
by Des de Moor
Ultimate Beer Guide Australia New ZealandUltimate Beer Guide Australia & New Zealand
Editor-in-Chief David Lipman
Around Berlin in 80 BeersAround Berlin in 80 Beers
by Peter Sutcliffe
by Tim Webb, Chris Pollard & Siobhan McGinn
Around Amsterdam in 80 BeersAround Amsterdam in 80 Beers
by Tim Skelton
Amber Gold & BlackAmber Gold & Black
by Martyn Cornell
1001 Beers1001 Beers You Must Try before You Die
by Adrian Tierney-Jones (General Editor)
500 Beers500 Beers
by Zak Avery
Great Beers of BelgiumMichael Jackson's Great Beers of Belgium
by Michael Jackson
Brewing with WheatBrewing with Wheat
by Stan Hieronymus
Around Brussels in 80 BeersAround Brussels in 80 Beers
by Joe Stange & Yvan De Baets
Tasting BeerTasting Beer
by Randy Mosher
World's Best BeersWorld's Best Beers
by Ben McFarland
Hops and GloryHops and Glory
by Pete Brown
Good Beer Guide Belgium jacket Good Beer Guide Belgium
by Tim Webb
Good Bottled Beer Guide jacket Good Beer Guide West Coast USA                                                         
by Ben McFarland & Tom Sandham
A Beer a Day book jacket width= Good Beer Guide Prague & the Czech Republic                                      
by Evan Rail
Good Beer Guide Germany jacket Good Beer Guide Germany                                                                    
by Steve Thomas
Good Bottled Beer Guide jacket 300 Beers to Try before You Die!
by Roger Protz
Man Walks into a PubMan Walks into a Pub
by Pete Brown
Three Sheets to the WindThree Sheets to the Wind
by Pete Brown
101 Belgian Beers jacket 100 Belgian Beers to Try before You Die!
by Tim Webb & Joris Pattyn
All Beer Experience All Beer Experience
by Alex Barlow & Diane Barlow
Good Bottled Beer Guide jacket An Appetite for Ale
by Fiona Beckett & Will Beckett
Brewmaster's Table The Brewmaster’s Table
by Garrett Oliver
Around Bruges in 80 Beers
Around Bruges in 80 Beers
by Chris Pollard & Siobhan McGinn
Around London in 80 Beers Around London in 80 Beers
by Chris Pollard & Siobhan McGinn