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Watneys Is Having a Laugh

News: September 2018

New beers bearing the Watneys name have been released.

The three beers, which are available in keg and can, are aimed at the craft beer market but without taking it too seriously. Instead, the emphasis is on sharing a pint and a joke, as is reflected in the beer names. Sarcasm is a 4.5% ABV citrus pale ale, Slapstick is a 7.5% double IPA and Irony is a 4.6% lager.

To support the launch, the company is running a Pop-up Stand-up campaign this autumn, with surprise gigs in pubs and bars by emerging comedy talent.

The Watneys name was revived by Brands Reunited in 2016. The beers are brewed under contract by Sambrook’s in Battersea, London.

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