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Wimbledon Turns Back the Clock for Winter

News: October 2017

Wimbledon Brewery has created three new beers for winter inspired by history.

The beers were spotted on a price list for the original Wimbledon Brewery that burned down in 1889 and recreated by brewer Derek Prentice. Each beer has a name featuring the original abbreviations in use at the old brewery – X for strength and K for keeping.

XXXK Barley Wine (c.10% ABV) is the strongest of the three and is to be bottled and casked in time for Christmas. Available sooner are XXK Winter Ale (4.8%) and XK Autumn Ale (3.5%), the latter a mild brewed using residual sugar wort from the brewing of the barley wine, fortified by the addition of chocolate and caramel malts.

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