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Cask Ale Sales Down But Its Value Remains High

News: September 2017

People who drink cask ale spend more money in pubs, according to this year’s Cask Report.

The Report reveals that real ale drinkers spend £1,030 a year on food and drink in pubs – a 6.5% increase on two years ago and 30% more than average pub-goers.

The Report also reveals that while cask beer sales have fallen by 5% over the last six years, cask beer has been much more resilient within a declining on-trade beer market than other types of beer, with keg ale sales down 25% and lager sales down 11%.

The Cask Report, which offers advice to pubs stocking cask beer, or thinking of stocking cask beer, is supported by major UK breweries and pub groups, as well as CAMRA and SIBA, and can be downloaded free of charge.

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