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Norfolk Brewers Create Resurrection Ales

News: May 2017

Two of Norfolk’s breweries have worked closely again to create beers for this year’s Norwich City of Ale event, which begins on 25 May.

Norfolk Brewhouse and Poppyland, who teamed up to develop a new coffee beer last year, have now separately produced two beers that showcase largely forgotten brewing ingredients.

The beers feature Chevallier barley, last grown commercially in the UK in the 1930s, and Ernest hops, which were developed in the 1950s but considered ‘too American’ to cultivate in the UK.

The Norfolk Brewhouse beer is a golden cask ale called Chevallier Gold, at 5% ABV, while the Poppyland beer is a 6% bottled red ale. Named Back from the Dead, this also features a resurrected Norwegian yeast strain.

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