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Brewers’ Coalition Pushes for Duty Reform

News: January 2017

A group of small and medium-sized brewers have joined together to call for reform of the Small Brewers Relief scheme for beer duty.

Under the scheme, the smallest producers receive considerable reductions on the duty payable on their beer, but some of the longer established and growing small and middle-sized breweries are now asking for the system to be subject to an independent review that can be presented to government.

The aim is to ensure that, among other objectives, ‘the sector is economically sustainable for the long term’ and unlocks the ‘future growth potential of emerging brewers’.

The coalition – known as the Small Brewer Duty Reform Coalition and which includes breweries such as Beavertown, Dark Star, Fuller’s, Harbour, Harveys, Moorhouse’s, Wadworth and Wye Valley – remains supportive of the scheme but believes it needs reform in order to be fair to brewers of all sizes.

While some of the coalition’s members are also members of the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA), their view is not supported by SIBA, which still backs the duty scheme and sees no need for a government review.

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