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Zerodegrees Adds Limited-Edition Beers

News: November 2016

The four brewpubs in the Zerodegrees chain have introduced a new range of limited-edition beers.

The brewmasters at each of the four sites – Blackheath, Reading, Bristol and Cardiff – are now producing short runs (around 2,000 pints) of a number of different beer styles to complement their regular brews.

Twitter followers will be able to spot when the beers come on stream at each venue by checking the #FirstSips hashtag, with special events planned at which customers will be able to sample, free, one of the new beers.

Among the beer styles in production are an English IPA (4.2% ABV), a dunkel (5.1%), a Belgian pale ale (5%) and Winter Rye (5.5%). Other styles on the way are a Märzen-Bock Oktoberfest, an oatmeal pale ale, San Francisco steam lager and a blonde IPA.

Zerodegrees is also planning to introduce two canned beers in the near future.

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