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Wiltshire Brewery Hosts Biggest Beer Round

News: June 2016

Wiltshire’s Box Steam brewery smashed a world record earlier this month.

On 15 June, the Holt-based business treated its customers to a free pint at the Cross Guns pub at Avoncliff, Wiltshire. Over a two-hour period, the brewery bought 412 drinks for customers to toast the ninetieth birthday of Queen Elizabeth II.

The round included 283 pints – 35.4 imperial gallons – of Box Steam’s Tunnel Vision ale and the effort broke the previous world record, set by country singer Merle Haggard in 1983 when he bought fans 5,095 one-ounce servings of whiskey (equivalent to 39.8 US gallons/33.14 imperial gallons) at a bar in Fort Worth, Texas.

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