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Cask Ale is a 'Pub Lifeline'

News: September 2015

The 2015 Cask Report declares that cask ale is proving to be a 'lifeline to tens of thousands of pubs'.

The claim is based on research that shows that cask ale drinkers visit pubs twice as often as average pub-goers. They also spend almost twice as much as the general population and nearly half as much again as beer drinkers who don't drink cask ale.

The Report's author, Pete Brown, also stresses that it's not just their own spend that is important as cask ale drinkers tend to be leaders of groups when it comes to deciding which pubs to visit. Because of this, cask ale can drive sales of other drinks.

The Cask Report, which is supported by The Cask Marque Trust, CAMRA and the Independent Family Brewers of Britain, is available to download at:

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