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Regenerated Barley Back in Action

News: August 2015

A variety of barley that has not been cultivated for many years is now gaining a new lease of life.

Chevallier barley was popular during Victorian times and the early twentieth century but fell out of favour after World War II. It has now been revived through the collaborative efforts of Crisp Malting and New Heritage Barley, who have planted the crop on Norfolk farms.

The revival began a few years ago with a handful of seeds, with the resultant crop replanted to ensure larger crops in later years. By 2013, half a tonne of the barley was available for brewing and this was acquired by Cheshire Brewhouse, which produced an eighteenth-century-style ale named Govinda from it.

A number of American brewers, including Sierra Nevada and Goose Island, took the five tonnes of barley produced a year later. It is hoped that 2015's crop might yield 200 tonnes.

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