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Good Beer Guide Belgium

by Joe Stange & Tim Webb

The new Good Beer Guide Belgium is as informative and reliable as ever.

GBG BelgiumIt’s long been my favourite guidebook – on any subject – and the transition from author to author, as creator Tim Webb gradually gives way to Joe Stange, seems to be seamless.

The format remains much as last time, with sections devoted to Contexts (background history, geography, travel tips and food advice); Beers and Brewing (including an A–Z of breweries, complete with star-rated beers); Bars and Stores (where to drink and buy beers); and Beer Tourism (must-see places and festivals not to miss).

This time around, though, more than 1,000 beers are featured, along with 800 places in which to drink them.

There have been a few tweaks in terms of layout, with the brewpubs and gueuze blenders now back in the main A–Z of breweries, rather than standing alone as they did previously, but there is still the same admirable clarity in terms of layout and presentation of information, with the usual dry wit and occasional piece of coruscating sarcasm dropped in to make it all the more entertaining.


The fundamentals of the guide remain constant:

if you want considered opinions on all the country’s breweries or a star-guide to the best beers this beer paradise has to offer, then the guide, as ever, obliges;

if you’d like an insider’s view on beer culture and bar customs, again you’ll find it here;

if you’re simply looking for some travel pointers and hotel recommendations so that you can make up your own mind about Belgian beer, the book provides those too.

As Webb waves adieu, or perhaps vaarwel, he leaves the guide in rock-solid hands. Joe Stange may be American but he knows Belgium intimately, having lived there for four years and is constantly lured back to old stomping grounds from his current home in Berlin.

He has the knowledge, the experience and the style to ensure that this trustworthy tome will continue to deliver.

Eighth edition (2018)

368-page paperback (CAMRA Books)


Available now from or

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