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The Oxford Companion to Beer

edited by Garrett Oliver

There are some books you trust more than others, certain writers you know you can rely on to deliver accurate facts.

Oxford Companion to BeerWhen you write about beer as much as I do, it’s important to know who these people are and which are the books you can turn to to check obscure details, bolster failing memory or provide a genuine insight into some arcane aspect of the brewing process.

Now a book has been published with the aim of collecting all that expertise into one comprehensive volume.

The Oxford Companion to Beer has been edited by Garrett Oliver, brewmaster at Brooklyn Brewery and one of the most engaging advocates for the glories of beer. Anyone who has read his Brewmaster’s Table or seen him in full flow at a beer-and-food pairing event will vouch for that.

In The Oxford Companion to Beer, Garrett’s knowledge and authority provides the anchor for the work of more than 160 beer experts from all over the world, writers and industry specialists he has chosen to contribute on topics close to their hearts.

Collectively, their work distils down to the ultimate A-Z of everything you’d want to know about beer.

If the mysteries of hop isomerization trouble you, you can find peace of mind here. Is Cascade a hop you want to know more about? Read on. Want to understand the brewing legacy of Austria? It’s in the book.

Everything from cask conditioning to oxidation is explained in intricate detail, in more than 900, fact-packed pages, making this book the be-all and end-all of beer reference books.

Books of this size and scope are not immune to errors, and I’ve spotted a few typos here and there, but there’s no questioning the intelligence, learning and thorough research that sit behind the many entries.

I declare an interest in being one of the contributors to this mighty opus. Hopefully, the doesn’t diminish the strength of my recommendation. The Oxford Companion to Beer is already occupying pride of place on my shelf of vital beer reference books.

First edition (2011)

920-page hardback (Oxford University Press)


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