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Ultimate Beer Guide Australia & New Zealand

Editor-in-Chief David Lipman

I’ve been looking for a book about beer in Australia for some time, and it’s always surprised me just how little there is in print for a country of such a size and with such a rapidly developing beer culture.

Ultimate Beer Guide Australia New ZealandThe arrival of the Ultimate Beer Guide Australia & New Zealand therefore neatly fills a gaping hole but, more than this, it’s a handsome, colourful piece of work that makes an ideal travelling companion if you’re thinking of heading Down Under.

Don’t expect the condensed, pack-it-all-in format used for the Good Beer Guide in the UK.

The approach here is more magazine-like, echoing the book’s origins as an off-shoot of the successful Beer & Brewer publication, but there is still plenty to get your teeth into with regard to brewery, beer and pub details.

The format is large and floppy, with photographs on every page and maps liberally sprinkled throughout.

Each state of Australia and region of New Zealand is tackled individually, with numerous travel-type articles spelling out the main beer attractions and providing some historical and cultural context.

Each section also contains a directory of breweries, bars, bottle shops and events, as well as general things to see and do.

More in depth information about breweries and pubs is provided at the end of each section in what are labelled ‘Beer & Brewer promotions’. These are paid-for write-ups but the hyperbole is thankfully kept to a minimum and there are plenty of valuable facts and figures included.

Comprehensive Package

Completing the comprehensive package, at the back of the book there’s a very handy directory listing all breweries with the beers they produce, including details of beer style, ABV and whether sold on draught or in bottle. The directory even extends to foreign beers on sale in Australia and New Zealand.

I’m usually a ‘just-give-me-the-facts’ kind of reference book reader but the editorial approach employed here does work, especially as it offers you plenty to read up on in advance of your trip, or even if you just want to get a feel for what’s going on from a distance.

But, after flicking through all the inviting photographs the book offers, I’d be very surprised if most readers didn’t start to make travel plans straight away.

First edition (2011)

248-page paperback (LipCORP Publishing)

Australian $24.99

Order now from Beer & Brewer

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