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London's Best Beer Pubs & Bars

by Des de Moor

London's Best Beer PubsWhen the first edition of this book was released in 2011, London could lay claim to no more than fourteen breweries. For a city with such a rich brewing heritage, it was a rather disappointing figure.

But, small though this number seemed to be for a metropolis of 8 million people, breweries were actually opening, rather than closing, at the time and the future looked promising.

Four years on and the London brewing scene has been totally transformed. The capital is now home to more than seventy breweries, with more seemingly announced every month.

On top of this, the proliferation of specialist beer bars and off-licences has placed the city well up the league table of international beer hubs. The excitement in the London air is tangible; the possibilities for beer exploration, where once they seemed extremely limited, are now almost endless.

All of which makes a new, fully updated and greatly revised version of Des de Moor's book all the more necessary. Importantly, though, there has been no attempt to change a winning formula.

As before, the main thrust of the book is dedicated to places to acquire great beer, be they bars, pubs or off-licences, but such has been the influx of new deserving entries that only 100 out of the original 252 entries survive.

The introduction of 'try alsos' helps cushion the blow for those establishments that – full entries last time – have missed the cut.

Detailed and Accessible

Once again, Des has done a thorough and considerate job as researcher/author, delivering a detailed and accessible treasure-chest of information that is far more than just a list of places to drink.

Each entry concisely sums up exactly what a visitor needs to know, from the style of the venue, the beer and food provision and how to get there, to regular events and little snippets of general tourist interest.

The mapping is clear and informative, immeasurably better than CAMRA's Good Beer Guide – with its national/county focus – is able to provide in its London section.

There are features on the major breweries and even words of wisdom from some of London's notable beer experts – brewers, bloggers and journalists alike.

The whole publication is impressively designed to pack in a wealth of detail without bamboozling the reader, and the neat, colourful package is a bargain at the £12.99 cover price – especially considering that you'd struggle to buy two pints in some of London's bars for that.

Second edition (2015)

336-page paperback (CAMRA Books)

£ 12.99

Available now from

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