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Quiz Answers

So You Want to be a Beer Expert?

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1 The Castle Brewery in Cockermouth, Cumbria, is home to which brewing business, now part of the Marston’s group? Jennings

2 Which German brewery sells beers under the König Ludwig name? Kaltenberg

3 Which famous artist provides the artwork for beers from Flying Dog brewery? Ralph Steadman

4 The acronym SIBA stands for the Society of Independent Brewers but what did it stand for originally? Small Independent Brewers Association

5 Einstök beers come from which country? Iceland

6 Known internationally for its cellar of aged beers, the Kulminator bar can be found in which Belgian city? Antwerp

7 Which lager was once advertised in British television by (now-teetotal) chat show host Jonathan Ross? Harp

8 In which century was the Reinheitsgebot beer purity law proclaimed by Duke Wilhelm IV of Bavaria? 16th century (1516)

9 PINT is a beer consumers’ organization in which country? The Netherlands

10 Which barley wine is named after California's 'missing link'? Sierra Nevada Bigfoot

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