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Around Amsterdam in 80 Beers

by Tim Skelton

If you know the format of these entertaining 80 Beers books, the Amsterdam edition will come as no surprise.

Around Amsterdam in 80 BeersIf you’re new to the series, however, then all you really need to know is that each book champions 80 interesting places in which to drink great beer in a given city.

Pubs, bars and cafés tend to dominate, of course, but you can also find restaurants, shops, museums and other unusual venues, all of which are linked by the love of good beer.

For each place, one particular beer is highlighted. It may be the beer that the venue is famous for, perhaps even brewed on the premises.

Perhaps it’s a rare beer that only that outlet sells locally, or maybe it’s simply an outstanding beer that underscores the beer philosophy of the place. Maps and indexes make it easy for you to find your way around, and there are hundreds of colour photographs to whet the appetite.

In this new Amsterdam release, penned by locally-based travel writer Tim Skelton, the city’s most famous beer bars feature prominently, as you’d expect – the world-famous Wildeman, and Gollum, the city’s first proper beer bar, for instance.

But there are also some intriguing other venues that look great fun to seek out, such as Boom Chicago, a comedy theatre, the Ij brew pub and Beer Temple, a bar that specializes in US craft beer.

Background features cover a little bit of history, an introduction to the spirit jenever (a forerunner of gin), a handy summary of beer styles and a hilarious deconstruction of what the Dutch consider to be dining out.

Weekend breaks to Amsterdam are easier to arrange and more affordable today than they’ve ever been, and the local beer scene has improved no end in recent years.

Once there, you can stumble around from bar to bar and, no doubt, have a rollicking good time, but I definitely recommend investing in this book to make sure you step off the beaten track, don’t waste hard-earned Euros on dumbed-down beers and really get the most out of your trip.

First edition (2010)

128-page paperback (Cogan & Mater)

£ 9.99

Order now from Books About Beer

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