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Around London in 80 Beers

Chris Pollard & Siobhan McGinn

From the authors of Around Bruges in 80 Beers comes this fun and informative, alternative guide to the best places to drink in London.

Around London in 80 BeersThere have been scores of pub guides focusing on the capital, with history and architecture often the common thread. The emphasis this time is on beer, and not just real ale at that, with draught and bottled beers from around the world chosen to illustrate just how cosmopolitan London drinking has become.

The same format applied to Bruges is invoked here: a page for each establishment, with all the facts and figures you need, plus several informative paragraphs detailing the attractions of each venue. And, once again, it’s not just pubs that feature.

As the back cover declares, you can find anything from ‘quaint old alehouses to Michelin star restaurants, via a bowling alley, a cinema and even a bookshop’.

The real pleasure of this colourful series of guides, however, lies in the beer choice that accompanies each entry – a beer that sums up, probably better than any words, the ambitions, the care, the ethos of the place.

First edition (2008)

96-page paperback (Cogan & Mater)


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