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Beer: the Story of the Pint


Martyn Cornell

Martyn Cornell loves digging around in the past. He’s the sort of bloke for whom a brewery never dies, at least not while he’s there to research into its history and to recall the beers it used to brew.

That’s the background Martyn brings to Beer: the Story of a Pint. Intent on busting all the myths that have become accepted as facts in the long history of beer, he set about going back to the roots of brewing, and kicks off his tale in the Middle East, the cradle of civilisation.

Through Celt and Roman times, beyond the Tudors and Stuarts, into the Industrial Revolution and on to today, Cornell relates how beer in Britain took shape. He doesn’t write flippantly, or go out of his way to lighten the tone with cheap humour, but his style is eminently clear and readable, and the supportive data he incorporates, be it related to duty rates or the size of porter tuns, implies a wealth of research.

This is a valuable book to read for pleasure and then to return to when necessary, a reference source that is always worth consulting.

First edition (2004)

328-page paperback (Headline)


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