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300 Beers to Try Before You Die!


by Roger Protz

In line with a whole swathe of books and television programmes prompting you to see this, read that or taste the other before you pop your clogs, Roger Protz’s handsome, full-colour book has tapped into a vein of public consciousness that believes that life is too short to waste on the mediocre.

300 Beers to Try Before You DieRoger has been writing about beer for more than 30 years and there is no mediocrity in his list of 300 must-taste beers.

The book is divided into beer styles, ranging from India Pale Ales to Smoked Beer. The selections cover the whole world of beer and are dealt with in Roger’s customary authoritative and fluent journalistic style, drawing on many memories of travels within the UK and overseas in the search for beery perfection.

Not all beers are on sale in a shop near you, but what’s the point of only featuring beers you know about already? At least it gives you an incentive to use the internet to track down mail order sales, or to pinpoint beers to sup on your travels.

Since the book was first published in 2005, inevitably – in this accident-prone world of brewing – there have been some casualties, and this has prompted a full revision, complete with substitute beers. Order a copy and now and make the most of your beer time, ere the grim reaper comes to call.

Second edition (2010)

304-page paperback (CAMRA Books)


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