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Good Beer Guide Belgium


Tim Webb

It took four editions before this truly essential book found the format and design it really needed. Not that beer fans were too deterred by the lack of colour and the impractical, tall, narrow shape – they already recognised how cleverly this witty book tells you everything you need to know about this weird but truly wonderful beer country.

Good Beer Guide Belgium jacketGood Beer Guide Belgium has now achieved its sixth edition and anyone considering a trip to this little beery piece of Heaven should make sure they pack a copy.

Author Tim Webb doesn’t suffer fools gladly, especially the fools who try to manipulate the Belgian beer market and flood the country’s bars with dull beers. For evidence of this, the breweries section is a good place to start.

Flippancy rules as the guide cuts through the PR spin and bluntly says what it sees going on in the industry. There are star ratings for nearly all the beers listed for each of Belgium’s breweries – which suggests that much time has been spent on the road doing valuable research – as well as recommendations for the best examples of each of the country’s many, magical beer styles.

The same attitude pervades the bar recommendations, more than 600 included across the country, with suggestions for local accommodation tagged on. Full travel and transport details are provided, complemented by sharp resumés of local history, language tips and news about beer festivals and beer museums.

This book is a great browse, an amusing read and an absolutely vital item on the beer traveller’s packing list.

Sixth edition (2009)

368-page paperback (CAMRA Books)


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